hard drive looks corrupt unless logged on as admin

From: Phillip (medad_at_sbcglobal.net)
Date: 07/24/03

Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 23:50:37 -0700

Here goes:

I have winxp pro and four harddrives.

It all started when there were a few mp3's that I had
downloaded from easynews and I could not access them -
they had been part of a zip file containing several mp3's
and unzipped without incident. However, they would not
play - then when I tried to move and/or delete them, I
got file access errors. I am the administrator/owner of
the computer, but it behaved as if I did not have rights
to manipulate the files. I tried messing with admin
privileges and, at last, rebooted as administrator in
safe mode and was able to manipulate the files without
any problem. But when I rebooted into normal mode,
my "D" drive (the location of these files) appeared
empty! It showed up in my computer, but properties
indicated 0 bytes size and 0 bytes of files. When I
tried to click it it gave me an error message (I don't
recall what). Then, I tried restoring the computer and
still had the same problem - but when I rebooted into
safe mode as admin everything looked fine . . . So, I at
last figured out how to log on as admin in "non-safe"
mode and - low and behold - everything looks fine!
Problem solved? Well, kind of -but not totally. I
understand being logged on as administrator carries
serious security risks - I am wondering if someone
accessed my security settings from cyber-space to create
this mess in the first place. Also, it'd be nice to have
all my user settings from before. And, I cannot for the
life of me figure out why the D drive appears empty and
useless in my computer with my old user account, but not
when I am logged on as admin. Any guidance would be
greatly appreciated.