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From: Shenan T. Stanley (
Date: 07/23/03

Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 00:50:28 -0500

Ryan Solin <> wrote:
> At the tail end of setting up an XP Pro machine for an
> employee. I don't think I've ever had to many problems
> with setting up a workstation.
> The first problem is that I imported her Outlook pst file
> into Outlook while logged on as the admin. Now when
> logged on under her username, when she tries to create a
> new message in Outlook and clicks the "to" button, a
> message pops up saying that she doesn't have
> the "privilege" of opening up the address book. This is
> after I had given her user name admin privileges. And
> yes, I double and triple checked, and she has admin
> privileges.
> Then there's the problem with opening up the same programs
> between the user accounts. I'd like her account to be a
> mirror of the admins, whatever I install under the admin
> account is immediately accessable to her under her
> username. Of course, it didn't work this way. I had to
> add her name within the security tab on the c drive and
> give her full permissions on everything. Still, there is
> one program that is not working under her login and just
> fine on the admins.
> Also, I'd like for her to be able to install and uninstall
> programs at will. Yet trying to do so gives the much
> hated "no permission" excuse box.
> I have another workstation to set up that is XP Pro. Did
> I screw up somewhere on the initiall installation of XP
> Pro to give me all of this grief?
> I don't know what Microsoft was thinking when they made
> things this complicated. Win2k worked just fine and was
> extremely stable.

First off, why wouldn't you have just imported her Outlook email as her
instead of as another user? I have done plenty of moves like the one you
described and we always import the PST as the user in question. They have
full rights to the necessary areas as users/power users.

As for the program problems, this sounds like a screwup in methodology. If
she is a power user or is set as an administrator of the local machine, most
normal applications will be available to her. Also, when installing a new
program, it is the program - not windows - that determines where the icons
and such will be. All Users or the user who installed it. Some give you
choices, others do not. This has not changed since NT/2000. There were and
are still applications that put their icons in the user account instead of
the ALL USERS account - just requires a little manipulation afterwards.

Basically - here is how I setup a Windows XP box (professional) when I need
to move a user to it:

Install from scratch.
Get the machine tweaked up and such.
Create a default user profile, so that every user who logs onto the machine
gets the same startment/desktop/etc look.
Also, any icons I want all users to have I either put into the Start Menu or
Desktop of the Default User or All Users profile. (I am on a domain - in
this case - without roaming profiles.)
Go to the users old machine and export the PST. (This may be different for
you, this step may have to come first, before the install, if you are
upgrading the machine in question and not giving them a new one..)
Log in ONCE as the user.
Log Off.
Log in as the Administrator.
Go to the command prompt and give the user the rights I want. (Power User,
Local Admin, etc):

   net localgroup administrators "DOMAINNAME\username" /add
   net localgroup "Power Users" "DOMAINNAME\username" /add
   net localgroup administrators "username" /add
   net localgroup "Power Users" "username" /add

Log into the machine as the user again. Load up Outlook. Import their PST.

BTW - I don't trust/like upgrades. Only if I have NO other choice, will I
perform a in-place upgrade on a system for someone else when I will be
troubleshooting it later. A clean install is always best when going to a
new OS. And everything I put above I would do whether Windows 200o or
Windows XP. No diference at all that I can think of.

Shenan Stanley
"Just trying to help"
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