Denied Admin priviledges even though I'm signed on as admin

From: TNRebel (
Date: 06/17/03

Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 18:35:00 -0700

Well I ended up having to reinstall XP & it now works great.
Thanks Kool-Aide for your suggestion. I see Microsoft tech
didn't bother to answer this one.
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>You can try making another account besides administrator
>and giving that account administrator access by going to
>control panel and clicking user accounts. Then after you
>click make new account give the account administrator
>privledges. If that doesn't work I don't know what else to
>say... kinda tired I am about to go to bed. Hope that
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>>I have just installed XP Pro, I created a password & have
>>signed on by typing administrator and entering password
>>at the Welcome screen by pressing Alt-Ctrl-del twice.
>>When I try to install software example: a popup stopper
>>and Netscape 7.2 or Acrobat Reader I get error saying I
>>don't have permission to install software. I have also
>>tried to find the elusive "security tab" that grants
>>permission to users by right clicking a file,properties,
>>But it is not listed. I also turned off "Simple file
>>sharing" that didn't cause the security tab to appear
>>either. Also when I installed XP I wasn't given any
>>security options to choose for admin.
>>During install I was only given 2 file systems to choose
>>from NTFS quick or NTFS slow. I checked in My Computer &
>>it shows that I have NTFS.
>>this is a full version of XP Pro with a clean install.
>>I am tempted to try reinstalling, but have already
>>activated via online, but never saw a large set of
>>numbers to write down as opposed to phone activation. Are
>>these numbers neccessary to reinstall?
>>Can anyone help me with this problem?
>>I would like to finish installing my software so that I
>>can get on with work.
>>Thank You!