I don't think it's a pop up!

From: Jay (cso_at_e-secure.info)
Date: 06/11/03

Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 19:09:43 -0700

Wow... pretty drastic, but I don't suppose you want to
reformat and reload from clean media :(

I use PestPatrol and Norton Internet Security and found
that PP found and killed that Bonsai pest. My son bugs me
all the time about "free music" and Kazaa, and blames my
job for his not being able to do it!

I'm a CSO for a large gov't agency... good luck!

>>-----Original Message-----
>>Hi, can anybody help!! I have posted this problem
>>but I need help all other suggestions have failed. I
>>installed Kazaa and Morpheus a couple of days ago and
>>rapidly unistalled them when I got hassle with pop
>>ups/ads etc.. and things not running smoothly. I now
>>have an annoying little thing which is bugging the life
>>out of me. If I go into IE I constantly get
>>by what appears to be a pop up from AdBlaster.info with
>>an invitation to download bonzibuddy. I can close this
>>down or it fades to a smaller window and eventually
>>disappears, sometimes and I don't know how it happens
>>leaves a message on my desktop asking me if I want
>>bonzibuddy as my search engine. It shows up on my
>>history log as ppu1_1.cfg and when I right click
>>properties reveal the following file extension
>>file:///C:/WINDOWS/system32/ppu1_1. Has anybody got
>>idea how to get rid of this? Previous suggestions to
>>download Spybot, Popup killer and I have changed cookie
>>handling have all failed to stop it.
>I had the same problem after my kids downloaded kaaza.
>It was the most annoying thing. I had that bonzibuddy
>too. A friend who is a computer wizard came over to fix
>another issue and found that there were two viruses,
>which he stated most likely were from kaaza. I guess
>pretty common. He removed all of my hard drive and
>reloaded all the software. Now I have no problems.
>this helps.