Re: I need to change the folder attributes but the changes do not stay

From: Roger Abell [MVP] (
Date: 05/01/03

Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 17:17:33 -0700

With Pro if you uncheck the Simple sharing box at the
bottom of the View tab in the Folder Options, then the
Security dialog will be available on every object in the
NTFS filesystem (in their Properties, r-click).

Now, if you grant Users modify at the directory that
roots the area where you want them to have this ability
it will be inherited on down in so far as some subdir
does not block inheritance.

Note that you do not want to do this with directories
that are installed as part of the system.

Roger Abell
MS MVP (Security, Windows), MCDBA,  MCSE both
Associate Expert - Windows XP ExpertZone
"Max Jenius" <> wrote in message news:03ce01c30f2b$cc465e80$a001280a@phx.gbl...
> We are using Xp pro with the service pack 1 installed.  I 
> have applied all the recent hotfixes (as of april 3rd).  I 
> think I know what you mean about the permissions.  How can 
> I set these up so all the users have access to write or 
> modify these folders?
> thanks again
> Max
> >-----Original Message-----
> >The read-only checkbox is only the actual read-only 
> attribute 
> >setting on files; on directories it is a switch used to 
> modify the 
> >attribute on contained files.  This is not likely your 
> problem.
> >
> >It is most likely that NTFS permissions are the issue.  
> If this 
> >is Home edition, you can use a Safe Mode (F8) boot in 
> order 
> >to access the Security dialog on filesystem objects.  
> When 
> >there you would want to first try granting the Users 
> group 
> >change/modify on the temp storage directory, and on the 
> >application's install point (likely within Program Files).
> >
> >-- 
> >Roger 
> >
> >"Max Jenius" <> wrote in message 
> news:028601c30f1d$58ed97e0$3401280a@phx.gbl...
> >> I have some computers running Windows XP Pro SP1.  I 
> have 
> >> an administrator login for myself.  But I also have 
> >> accounts for the children.  They have admin accounts 
> >> instead of limited accounts because it is the only way 
> >> they will run some of their older programs.  But some 
> do 
> >> not run because they require that the local 
> settings/temp 
> >> directory be accessable to write to.  Currently it 
> shows 
> >> up with the Read only box squared in.  I have changed 
> it 
> >> to blank so it will remove the read only setting but 
> the 
> >> change never stays resident.  The folders always show 
> the 
> >> read only box as squared in. Any help would be greatly 
> >> appreciated.
> >> 
> >> Max
> >.
> >

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