Re: Am I just paranoid?

From: Peter Clark (
Date: 04/28/03

Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 13:44:08 -0700

pull all communicating device connections from the machine
and any others on the network. do it NOW. i would strongly
recommend reinstalling all machine, but backup and check
the backup on a different machine before formatting as
there are some nasty programs out there. on reinstall
configure your machine properly or get somebody else to do so.

you may want to called the police and show them the access
log from your firewall as what this person has done is serious.

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>>-----Original Message-----
>>I'm not sure what to say here as you've given us
>precisely zero information
>>we can use to give you a useful reply about the
>technical specifics of your
>Okay. Sorry about the tirade with no applicable
>information. One of the things this guy has done due to
>frustration or whatever, is somehow configured my OS to
>keep reinstalling my GeForce 4 Ti with just the most
>rudimentary of drivers each time I reboot. I have to re-
>update my video drivers each time I boot just so I can
>have a resolution that is above an 8 bit color scheme.
>But wait... There's MORE!!!!
> There have also been 4 new accounts added to my system,
>but they aren't visible from the login window, nor from
>just about anywhere. I only found this out when I was
>looking at the permissions of a few registry entries.
> Here's the kicker though; Try as I might, I cannot
>delete these accounts. They don't seem to exist anywhere
>that I can do something about them. Hell, I can't even
>set their permissions to deny all because it just adds a
>new copyu of that user to the reg... with the same damn
>permissions set!!!
>My machine notifies him each time I change a password,
>edit permissions, or attempt to disable a couple of his
>personal services.
>This guy is an artist or something cause he edits .dll
>files that he knows I am going to read. I don't think
>that there is any .dll file made by MS that specifically
>tells "Matthew Weatherman you fartknocker... Just suck it
>up and face the fact that there is no security that you
>can impliment that will keep me from making your life a
>hellish nightmare that even Dante' was incapable of
>Here's my question.... How do I get my system back under
>my control only without formatting my 420gb primary hard
>drive? Also, how can I shut down the stream that is
>constantly being sent out from my machine, in the
>background where it is hardly noticed by my ethernet?
>My OS is winXP Home, Pro and Media edition (yes, I have
>too many machines to be this stupid about my little
>Sorry for the whining, but this is starting to cut into
>my business hours and my company is bleeding itself
>slowly of its financial viability....