Re: Win XP Password problem

From: Robert Michon (
Date: 03/01/03

From: "Robert Michon" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 09:19:32 -0500

This could be happening because your system is normally connected to a
domain and you are currently not connected.

First make sure the system is connected to the network the domain resides
on. If you are or believe there is not a problem there, try logging on
locally. At the logon, you will see a drop down below the username and
password fields, try changing that to <computer name> (this computer) where
<computername> is the name of the computer). Use a user/password for the
local machine and log in.

Once in, make sure the network card is functioning properly and verify it is
set up to connect to the proper domain. R click my computer>Properties and
click the Computer name tab. This will show the computer/domain

Bob Michon
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"Joao" <> wrote in message
> After finishing the installation of Win XP Pro I was asked
> to put the users names, which I did for 2 users, on the
> next screen when I try to logon for the 1st time it asks
> me for a password the problem is that I didn't set up any
> password for the users and I can't pass this screen the
> error is "The system cannot log you on du to the following
> error: The specified domain either doesn't exist or could
> not be contacted"
> Any help is more then welcomed !!!!
> Thanks,joao