Re: XpPro file sharing

From: Roger Abell (
Date: 02/23/03

From: Roger Abell <>
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 13:14:46 -0800

"ck" <> wrote in news:006801c2db7c$b42868d0

> We have a number of computers running successfully on a
> network setup with 3 workgroups. One workgroup contains
> two computers we use as our 'servers'. I am trying to
> establish file permissions on one of our 'servers' so I
> have first disabled 'simplified file sharing'.
> However, when I try to locate (in the share permissions
> window)the users on the other computers across the
> network all that is visible is the computer I am on.

and that is all you are supposed to have

> A previous posting suggested installing identical users
> on the 'server' as on the client computers but that would
> only apply if all computers were in the same
> workgroup ,which in our case is not true.

no, this is not constrained by workgroup boundaries

> Can I set file permissions on our 'server' relating to
> users in different workgroups?

no - a non-domain machine will never see any accounts
other than what is defined on itself

> If not would changing from workgroups to domains help?

sure - you then have one shared account database to use

> If not does XpPro file permissions need server software
> to work across a network like ours?

you need server if you are going to form a domain or
be concerned about the hardwired connection limit of
10 in Pro

> Thankyou in advance for all help offered.
> Carl

Just give each user an account on the machine that is
to share out things (any such machine) and when they
connect to a share have them specify machinename\accountname
and their password where machinename is the sharing-out
machine. If the accounts match what they have logged in
with on their machine things can be more simple, but this
is not a requirement.

Roger Abell
MS MVP (Windows Security)