Re: XP personal firewall log viewer

From: Kent W. England [MVP] (
Date: 02/19/03

From: "Kent W. England [MVP]" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 20:04:55 -0800

If you want notification of outbound connection attempts, the XP
firewall doesn't monitor outbound connections, so you might rather use
ZoneAlarm, Tiny or one of the other firewall programs that watches
outbound traffic.

Watching inbound traffic is only interesting for a few hours. After
you've seen one port scan, you've seen them all. If you want to check
your inbound security, go to one of the reputable scanning sites like and scan your system.

Kent W. England, Microsoft MVP for Windows
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"luvjava" <> wrote in
message news:yAz4a.36456$
> Does anyone know if there is an application that will allow real-time
> viewing  and alerting using the XP personal firewall.
> At first look, it seems that I have to manually open the log every 
> time to
> see if there is any activity.
> Not being notified of issues in real time sort of limits the 
> effectiveness
> firewall.
> Bill

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