Re: Does Local security policy affect Admin group?

From: Doug (
Date: 02/16/03

From: Doug <>
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 22:53:40 GMT

After some searching MS Knowledge Base on Group Policy in XP on this
issue I searched for the same in Windows 2000. I had more luck there
and it is possible to lock down while exempting the admin acct. by
copying registry.pol. Look at MS KB article in windows 2000 # 293655
I did this successfully but it is a bit of extra steps. Thanks for the
replies I will try your suggestions as well.

On Sun, 16 Feb 2003 06:16:13 GMT, Doug <>

> I have created tight security policy on an XP Pro machine.
>Removed My Network Places, Run command, Control Panel , etc. in the
>User configuration/Admin Templates of Group Policy( Local ). The
>Administrator acct. is also affected. This does not make a whole lot
>of sense to me. Can it be locked down without affecting the Admin. I
>would like to lock it down further by not allowing access to the mmc.
>But then if the admin can get to the mmc. Then I'll be stuck. Anyways
>I hope someone can shed some light on this for me.