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From: Bruce Chambers (
Date: 02/07/03

From: "Bruce Chambers" <>
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 10:55:19 -0700

Greetings --

    AOL has deliberately made their software incompatible with WinXP's
firewall. AOL's proprietary connection applet is deliberately
designed to preclude your setting/adjusting any of its properties, to
include enabling/disabling WinXP's firewall, which is
connection-specific. This is normally of little consequence to most
AOL users, as all are protected from the real Internet behind AOL's
own firewall. Remember, AOL is _not_ an Internet Service Provider;
they're an On-Line Content Provider. Two very different things.

    Contact AOL's tech support for resolution of problems with (or
caused by) their product.

Bruce Chambers
Microsoft MVP - Shell/User

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"NS." <> wrote in message 
> I'm currently using AOL 7.0 as my service provider. I
> tried to follow the instruction from kbhowto kbnetwork
> KB308127 to manually open ports in ICF, but when I right-
> click on internet connection and then click on properties
> nothing happens. I hope somebody can help.
> Thanks