Fat 32 vs NTFS ?

From: Brian (jazzeyb@yahoo.com)
Date: 02/05/03

From: "Brian" <jazzeyb@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 19:38:29 -0800

You can try this... Partition your drive. On the second
partition, format it as NTFS. Install FrontPage and it's
extensions toy your NTFS partition...
Not sure if it will work, as I don't use front page. By
default when setting up any type of NTFS machine, I
always install the OS ont a FAT32 partition and ALWAYS
install EVERYTHING else to my NTFS partition. That in
itself cures alot of headaches for me, makes my users
files secure, and makes repair of an NT product as far as
boot, a breeze...


>-----Original Message-----
>My operating system is XP Professional and I have
>FrontPage 2002. My file system on my hard drive is FAT
>32. My problem is this:
>I need to set up my virtual web server(IIS) on my hard
>drive but I keep getting an error from FrontPage saying
>my server extensions are not installed.
>After talking with a FrontPage support person today we
>did decide that my 2002 FrontPage Server Extensions are
>not installed.
>After reviewing the article "How To: Use the SharePoint
>Administrator to Install and Configure the FrontPage
>Server Extensions" (Microsoft Knowledge Base Article -
>300018)I am confused.
>There is a note that states: "On the Windows platform,
>you try to install FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions to a
>hard disk formatted with FAT, your default virtual
>may not be extended."
>The article states that you need a NTFS file system in
>order to install the extensions and have them work
>At this point you would think that you just need to
>convert your hard drive from FAT 32 over to NTFS but I
>still confused.
>In reading another article titled: "Choosing Between FAT
>and NTFS" by Brien M. Posey out of the
>microsoft.com/technet site I discover that the only
>Operating System that works with a NTFS file system is
>Windows NT.
>The article doesn't mention XP Professional at all, WHAT
>I am frustrated and disolusioned. The only reason I
>upgraded to XP Professional from XP Home was for the
>Internet Information Services (virtual web server).
>When I call Microsoft support they say they do not
>provide support for XP Professional other than
>installation. The only way they will help me on this is
>if I pay $245 for someone who will TRY to help me.
>FrontPage does not support the IIS so I am asking for
>help from anyone who might have run into this before.
>Can you use XP Professional with a NTFS file system??
>David Beaver

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