System dropping

Date: 02/04/03

From: <>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 18:44:42 -0800

Ok, Thanks.. I have the screen saver shut down, always
have, I guess it is something else then, I get kicked to
desktop if not moving the mouse from time to time.

>-----Original Message-----
>Whoever told you that mislead you.
>There is a feature, that if you are idle, will
>automatically start the screensaver and can optionally
>require you to enter a password to turn off the
>screensaver. You can adjust this from the Screen Saver
>tab of Control Panel->Display.
>During that time, all your applications are still
>running, and Windows does not kick them out.
>>-----Original Message-----
>>Just a question, I need to know how to keep my programs
>>from dropping if I am away from the computer for a
>>I was told that when you are away for a period of time
>>and the mouse isn't moved during that time it will
>>automatically kick out of the program you are using at
>>the time, I have programs I like to have running while
>>am away from the keyboard sometimes for a few hours at
>>time, something about being a XP pro feature which is
>>quite annoying in my opinion, is there a way to shut it
>>off? I checked in all the folders and files I can think
>>of with no luck.

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