Security with XP

From: Jurij (
Date: 11/10/02

From: "Jurij" <>
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 22:41:32 +0800

Is it true that by deleting the SAM files anyone can gain access to a XP
Read the below:

Recovering from a lost or changed admin password

Did someone change your admin password and now you can't do anything and the
perpetrator won't tell you what the new password is? (This is from personal
experience.) Well, there are two ways to fix the situation. First, though,
make sure you make backups of everything before you try this, just in case.
These are radical solutions for a tough situation.

1) Did you keep your root partition/drive as a FAT32/16 area? If you did the
solution is easy. Get any Windows9x boot disk and boot up to it, then CD to
X:\WINNT\system32\config and delete SAM (no extension), SAM.SAV, and
SAM.LOG. The SAM without an extension is actually an exe file. Those three
files control the usernames and passwords. Delete them, reboot, and there
will be NO admin password to worry about. Recreate users as before and this
time keep the admin password to yourself.

2) What if your root drive is NTFS? A Win9x boot disk won't work. Well,
hopefully you have a spare partition to reinstall a copy of Win2K into. Then
just CD to the directory listed above on the old copy of Windows 2000,
remove those files, edit boot.ini, and reboot--you get the same result.

Hope someone can clarify. By reading this, I don't see any great secutity
feature in XP.