Help! No keyboard & Secure Log-on

From: rjs (
Date: 11/10/02

From: "rjs" <>
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 17:51:39 -0800

Well, Bill, I've been there twice so far, First:Is your
copy legit? Your pals at microsoft will disable your
nkeyboard and mouse drivers in the OS causing you to be
able to start your comp but only to see a blinking cursor
in the middle of a beatiful green desktop, while you
angrily throw your mouse at your keyboard, the guys at
microsoft are probably whatching you through your webcam
and laughing. @:Has your system picked up a bunch
of "hidden" devices in your device/hardware manager
section go ahead and click on it look under show devices
by connection and under resources you'll see it "show
hidden devices",,,,, hidden????You ask ya, hidden as in
not there but suddenly it all does't make any sense
because Microsoft will send you a message on your desktop
that will say someting to the effect of "Your system has
changed dramatically since you've activated you XP
operating system and we would like you to return to the
activation site within 7 days. Each day counts down with
you seeing this popup window constantly appearing about
100 times a day but you can't get on line because your
comp isn't configured correctly due to IRQ'S and memory
problems but you can't reconfigure these things as you
could in previous (better) OS"S set manually is a thing
of the past due to it making more sense, MS took it away
as a way to lock you out suckah. GOOD LUCK! E-mail me if
you want to try some file sharing and maybe i can remote
send you a way to cheat oops i mean creat another
keyboard perhaps as a hid device. OH NO, HERE THEY COME
>-----Original Message-----
>Hi to all..
>I need help bad. I set up XP Pro box to have
the 'secure log on' where you
>have to press Ctl-Alt-Del. keys fine, all went well,
and I logged off and
>logged back on again fine. Then, after backing up
overnight with Drive
>Image, I noticed that the 'Ctl-Alt-Del' window was
there. I pressed the
>required keys, and to my horror, my keyboard is not
being recognised for
>some reason. I've tried 3 different keyboards now to no
avail. I've
>checked all the settings in BIOS and still no good. The
keyboard is being
>recognised in the POST test so I'm at my wits end in
trying to understand
>what's happened here.
>Thanks in advance for all replies...

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