Help defining local user restrictions, please?

From: Jerry Trapp (
Date: 09/18/02

From: "Jerry Trapp" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 16:01:15 GMT

My wife & I recently purchased a new machine running XP Pro as "our"
computer . . . our 4-year-old has an older system that we let him play on as
there's no crucial data that he can wreck. However, this boy is a
Spider-man junky and really wants to play the movie-based game . . . which
will only run on our new system.

So to the point . . . How do I set permissions/restrict access for a
particular user on a single machine in XP Pro? I have my son set up as a
"limited" user, but he still has access to control panel, all programs,
etc., which could be disastrous. I've looked at Users in admin tools, but I
cannot find anywhere to define specifically what shows up in his

Specifically, I want to remove the majority of the program menu, control
panel, etc. from his environment. In older versions of Windows this
involved using the Policy Editor, which gave you a bunch of simple
checklists to do things such as not show control panel or network
neighborhood. I can find no such thing in XP except for an Office XP Policy
Editor that one can download from MS, and of course this only sets
permissions for Office-related software. I've searched the MS database to
no avail--either the info isn't there or I'm using the wrong search terms.
it somehow involve the Group Policy Editor?

Again this is a single home computer; currently our only networking is our
cable modem hookup, but this single machine is all I'm concerned about at

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated . . .

Jerry Trapp