Re: Setting Permissions for Software

From: Roger Abell [MVP] (
Date: 09/08/02

From: "Roger Abell [MVP]" <>
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 13:31:42 -0700

You are dealing with choices made by that software application's
installer. The best that you can do is to:
1. copy the items placed into the All Users profile into each
    account profile that you do what to have the items
    Did you notice this was a "copy" ? So then delete the
    copied items from the original location in All Users
2. change permissions over the install location, so that
    Users permissions are removed and replaced by the
    same permissions for Administrators (or whatever
    accounts should be able to use the application).

Roger Abell
MS MVP (Security, Windows), MCDBA,  MCSE both
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"George H" <> wrote in message
> I have a computer with Windows Xp Pro. I'am the
> administrator, the computer has three other accounts with
> limited rights. I want to install programs under my
> account that i dont want others to have acess to. Is there
> a way to keep the new installed program from placing icons
> and shortcuts in the other accounts? I know there is way
> to go into each accounts documents and settings folder and
> delete the icons etc. but some shortcuts and programs are
> in the start menu and if i try to remove them windows
> tells me that it will affect all users so i cant get rid
> of them. If i go to the start menu and click on the
> program and set its security to allow administrators and
> power users the program is still listed in the other
> accounts but the flyout is blank, thats ok but the program
> is still listed in the start menu. After all that my
> question is........How can i install programs under my
> account so others cant see or use them?