Re: Major XP problems and loss of important files/progs, etc.

From: Kent W. England [MVP] (
Date: 07/12/02

From: "Kent W. England [MVP]" <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 08:40:13 -0700

Your files are safe in your user profile but probably inaccessible from
your temporary account, but your ntuser.dat registry hive is hosed. The
easiest way to return to normal is to logon to your admin account and
run System Restore to restore the latest restore point. If this doesn't
work, there is a very complicated process we can go through to extract a
user registry hive from the SVI folder, but that will only work if
System Restore has actually worked in the recent past, so it's a long

The prime suspects for this widespread problem are memory mismatches or
shortcomings and disk write-caching. I tend to suspect the disk
write-caching since I can't understand how a memory defect would only
affect registry hives and only at shutdown or startup, but that doesn't
mean that XP isn't doing something tricky right when the hives are
supposed to be loading. If it is a memory problem, then repeated trys
might get one success, but I haven't heard of anyone reporting success
this way.

Kent W. England, MS MVP for Windows XP
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Cassandra <> wrote:
> Hi..
> I've just actually logged on to this forum and was
> looking for advice regarding a strange situation I now
> have with my system.  I logged off last night and never
> did anything unusual during that session except
> downloading the latest Windows Update; I then attempted
> to login today and as soon as I entered my password a pop
> up screen appeared stating that there was an error
> loading my account due to my user profile
> beingcorrupted/missing from the registry.  I did manage
> to login and was given temporary settings but much to my
> horror.. all my important documents, images and
> programmes have somehow vanished.  There are some
> remaining programmes and a few files in the trash but
> even IE loads a BT setup screen when I click on any url?
> This is seriously weird and worrying me to death so any
> advice would be greatly appreciated.. and I didn't backup
> if anyone is wondering :'(  Thanks in advance.
> Cassandra xx