Re: User Data Backup and Restore - Help!

NC Beach Bum wrote:
I am working with a PC that has account and password issues so the user is blocked from accessing his files. I have tried Orphcrack on the system but it's not showing any passwords. The user tells me the system has been acting odd for some time now and - of course - he does not have a backup and to make it worse his tax information is on the system so he had to file an extension to get time for me to do this recovery and restore. I need to pull his files from the system to wipe, perform a clean install, setup his account and restore his files. What is the best way to do this?


Can you mount the drive in another PC and see the directories? If so you should be able to take control of the directories and then back them up like any other files. I had to do this when a friend's laptop died. I mounted the disk in a XP computer and took ownership of the files and copied everything to a new drive.

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