Re: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Resource\Font\PFM -- u


I had the same problem after trying to upgrade Adobe reader.

I Too could not acces or change the owner of this map.

The thing that worked for me was to run a checkdisk on the C: drive.
It corrected some problems and thereafter I could rename the Reader 9.0
directory and install the Adobe Reader 9.3. Then I found that the old PFM
directory was no longer there so I deleted the renamed directory. All is well

Hope this helps you too.
Greetings Peter

"Frank Puck" wrote:

"Frank Puck" <test@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Adobe installer failed because he cannot access this directory.
I looked at it with explorer and it tells me, that it cannot display the
current owner.
I used AccessEnum to display ACL of the entire disk and there are a lot of
directories below C:\$recycle.bin for which permissions cannot be listed.
Anybody know how this could happen?


takeown /F pfm /A /R

as administrator fails with

ERROR: Access is denied.