Re: need help with password for vista 32bit

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Hi I am a computer tech and I am looking for a solution for a customer,
so I thought I would start here since have had no luck. Well she has a
son who is on windows vista and he may me visiting some sites that he
should not if u know what i mean!!. but she does not want him to know
she has been prying in his PC. so she ask me to help.I can reset the
password and install some spy software to let her know in a email what
he is up to but resetting it would give us away.So i tried ophacrack and
it says that the password is
*** empty *** Is there any other tool i can use to view the windows
vista passwords. I am trying to convince here to rest his password and
let him know not to set another password. I could then go in and see
what sites and messages he has been sending and getting. He has gotten
hold of marijuana and is acting out.Are there any other tools out there
I can use to view the password of any other solution to this .i only
have the PC for 6 to 8 our while the kid is in school i have an image of
his drive but I would have to re-image another hard drive and put it in
the same type of motherboard to get it to boot up.Please help me out or
point me in the right direction. I really dont want to charge for all
theis time doing this!

If they are using a router, simply use the logs from the router to determine
the web sites that have been visited? If this is not possible, then you
could potentially just use the windows firewall advanced security to log
successful connections to view the web site traffic.