I thought commercial sites are safe

My question: If I had gone to the site Monday morning and hovered my mouse over the infected ad, would I have gotten this virus? I use Vista32 Home Premium, updated daily, avast! antivirus 5.0 as my security software set to maximum protection with auto update, PC Tools Firewall Plus that I monitor to make sure it is set correct and I always run vista in standard user account (not Admin). Would this computer configuration have protected me?

A local newspaper was infecting viewers of their web site. The link below is the story about it. (the link is NOT the virus-I do not play tricks)


Star Tribune is a large media company I thought would be credible. Lucky I did not go to the site that day. My small company was infected by it when a co-worker went to the web site on company computer. I was told that "hovering" over the ad with the mouse infects the computer. My company runs XP Pro boxes. I cannot remember the security software used at work.

Thanks for the help.