Re: How much of a chance am I infected?

Bob wrote:
I reinstalled Vista. I thought I disconnected my network wire from
my cable modem before I started the reinstall. The first thing I
did when I could get Vista running was setup a standard user
account and finished the reinstall and updates in that and not in
admin account. I downloaded SP1 & SP2 files before reinstall so I
did not have to download it during reinstall but just double click
to update to SP1-2. The constant clicking of permission buttons
was not too annoying. I had to switch to admin account a couple of
times for about ten minutes each and immediately switched back.
I then installed Avast antivirus. Now that my computer is now safe
to do final updates, I went to connect to the internet. I
discovered that my computer was connected to the internet the whole
time. For about ten hours I was protected only with Windows
Defender and Windows Firewall each with default settings in
progressing levels of update using a standard user account
(assuming standard user account is safer). I did click on some
help links (two times only) that brought me to a help
page. (I thought the web page was contained in vista or the SP1-2
update, stupid me).
I listened to a tech report on the radio a 3 or 4 years ago that
told of an experiment to see how long it would take a completely
(pre vista era) unprotected idle computer on a high speed internet
connection to be infected with something. The average time it took
to infect a computer was four minutes. That alarmed me so that
report stayed with me. I really do not know much about the process
of how infections happen. In reference to this radio report and
that my computer was only partially protected for ten hours, what
are the chances my computer is infected with something? My
computer seems to be working normal. I detect nothing the least
bit unusual.
Background info: Desktop AMD 4400+ 64X2 4GB memory 320GB HD Acer
(AM3100-U3201A) purchased new February 2008 -- 32-bit MS Vista Home
Premium SP2 -- MS auto updates on. Comcast ISP 12mbps service W\
Motorola SURFboard SB5101 Cable Modem direct to computer. No other
switches or routers or wireless or phone line or any other
networking hardware hooked up to this computer.

Since your firewall was enabled and you are probably behind a NAT router as
well (have a private, not public IP) - slim to none. It's POSSIBLE - but
not likely.

I know many people who run no AV software, and they don't get infected.
They don't do much Internet surfing either (although they are connected.)

The way you describe it, unless you went someplace on the Internet you did
not mention - you are likely fine.

Scan with you AV software (full scan) and MalwareBytes to see if they detect
anything. Chances are they will not and chances are against you actually
having anything.

Shenan Stanley
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