Re: Windows 7 / Vista loses local resources when connected to VPN

I have the same problem! Somebody - help(

When i start VPN, win 7 go on local network with username which input in VPN

"Michael Ober" wrote:

Is the VPN going to the same VPN server and do XP based VPN tunnels still
work the same way. What you're experiencing is call Split-Tunnelling. Most
VPN servers turn this off by default for security reasons. When
Split-Tunnelling is off it directs the client to replace the routing table
with a new routing table that forces all network traffic through the tunnel.
When Split-Tunnelling is on, the VPN's routing table is simply appended to
the existing routing table.

If you post the results of "route print" and "ipconfig" here both with the
VPN running and without it running I'll can take a look. Also post the
output for the XP system with and without the VPN running.


"Alasdair" <Alasdair@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
When connected to a pptp VPN resources on the local domain are
inconsistantly available. Previously with XP they were always available
if connected to a VPN.

What has changed?

From win 7, I can print to a Lan printer shared on the server (2008)
Once connected to a remote VPN (windows 2003 pptp), the print que says
"Accessed Denied" when trying to print to the same printer.
With XP printing was still possible to the Lan even though connected to a

Mapped Drives:
Sometime they work, sometimes they don't. If I have a mapped drive to a
local file server once connected to the VPN I can't list the contents of
drive, or access any of the files.
Other times even with a VPN connected I can acess the files. If you access
the drive before opening the VPN this seems to help.

I thought it may be a DNS issue but I have added the server to my hosts
file. The host name resolves correctly even after an "ipconfig /flushdns".

Does windows 7 need to resolve service records on the local AD dns server
before passing on credentials? The order of accessing DNS servers is the
remote VPN DNS server first and then the local DNS server second. Is this
I can always print to a local printer that I installed using its IP
whilst connected to a VPN, which then prompted me for credentials. I
the credentials were stored locally, making them always available no
what the order of DNS servers were.

Once connected to a VPN why can't Vista/Win7 always print/access local
Connected to the same VPNs XP could always access local recources.
Whats changed?