Re: Kasperky

here is the website to compare

and they are both excellent products.

If you just need an antivirus there are a lot of good products free
Avast,Bitdefender, AVG, and even MS' own Security Essentials.

For a Free Fire wall Commodo
for FreeAntispy/malware Spybot or SpywareBlaster Malewarebytes Anti-Malware

A google search will turn up the download sites

any of those would serve you well if you keep them updated.


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"Connie" <noone@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:2C85934B-D453-4D63-A2DB-A0AE97DDE7BF@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I currently have Kasperkey Internet Security for 3 users. It is about to expire. I'm wondering if I should purchase the 2010 version of it I should buy the Kasperkey Anti-virus instead. What is the difference and which one is better?