Re: How can I block other machines from having access to my comput

Set the network to *Home network* and Disable File and Printer Sharing via the Network and Sharing Center in Control Panel.
Click the "Choose homegroup and sharing options" link, then click
the "Advanced sharing settings" link.

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SomeOldGuy wrote:
Thanks for the link, but the wireless network has all those things
implemented. I guess I did not explain it clearly:

Any computer that IS connected the to network has access to read/write files
on the OTHER computers. I wish to prevent that.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

"Leroy" wrote:

How to Secure Your Wireless Home Network:

SomeOldGuy wrote:
I have a new computer from HP that has Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit
installed. Mostly, it seems pretty good. It has been quite stable since
initial trouble got ironed out (blue-screened severely, fresh out of the box
from day one).

Here's my current problem...

My daughter came to visit over the holidays and brought her laptop with her.
When she connected to my wireless network connection, her Windows Media
Player popped up a message saying it found [computer name] and did she want
to have access to media on that computer. She answered "yes" and proceeded to
show me that she could see all my pictures and movies, and play my music.

Doing some experimenting, we opened Explorer and clicked on the Network
line, and saw icons there for all the computers on this little home network.
We opened one of the remote machines and discovered that we can read AND
WRITE files to it, and can delete them as well.

This seems like a severe security hole to me - if I am mistaken, please

How can I prevent these computers from being accessible to each other on the

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.