Re: Windows Needs Gaming Boot Mode

In the past I tried to do this
but if I make any more than one account
Windows demands a complicated logon
every time I start my machine.

It will not just automatically log on
with the last account used it will
demand a password and stuff I just do
not want to deal with.

Only Microsoft itself understands the proper
services/processes needed for a minimal operational boot.

Whenever I try to do such a thing myself it
seems to lead to complications in the future.

If Microsoft is pushing games for windows
it only makes common sense for them
to add a gaming with network or without
feature in MSCONFIG depending if
you are playing online or offline games.

I will never accept the fact that any corporation
in the entire world wants to dictate terms on how
I use my own system within my own home.

Only US federal government has the right to
violate rights of property using criminal
proceedings in a proper court of law
regarding property or life
or liberty. There is no other legal way
since rights are inalienable.
You can not be separated from your rights
legally by any other means.

All these services/processes and stuff are robbing the
machine owner of power and control over
his/her own life/property/ possibly liberty.
Big corporations or little business means nothing
in pursuit of the all mighty dollar these capitalists
( capitalism is little more than a kind of
law of the jungle where only the strongest survive)
want to run your life.

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Windows needs a basic bootmode for gaming that stops all
unnecessary services and processes from loading in the RAM
and running in the background. Like in MSCONFIG
you select GAME BOOT then restart your machine with networking
to play these more sophisticated games like Battlefield series
or flight simulators or whatever.

It would be so nice of Microsoft to make an update to
Win Vista to allow such a boot from MSCONFIG.

Hi Geoff, it would be great if they did, but I doubt they will.
You can create your own setup for Gaming, by creating another User,
and when logged into same, you switch Off all the services etc, that you don`t need.