Re: Firewall Exceptions for Programs versus Ports

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I'm running Microsoft Office Groove and it is setup under Vista
edition) Firewall Exceptions as a Program, not a Port. To clarify,
when you
look at the properties of the Groove (Program) Exception, it does not
anything about ports. I know I can add an exception specifically for
2492 (Groove's primary communication port), but would that be
redundant if
the Program Exception for Groove already opens up that specific Port.
that makes sense.

I had posted the same question in the Groove Discussion Group here -

but one of the Mods referred me to this group. Hope someone can help.

Programmatically, exceptions can be made for the duration of the running

User defined exceptions for the firewall?

Use the control panel applet, or the plug-in.

So opening the port that the app uses manually with a specific port
exception would be less secure since the "Program Exception" closes the port
after the application is closed, correct?