Re: Windows Defender Switching off.

On Sun, 8 Nov 2009 18:14:04 +0530, jobe <jobe.41c3fb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Thanks for responding.

No special upgrade to windows vista, just the regular security
downloads that became available around the 4th of November.

The problem is you cant turn off WD without an error message coming up
every time you start the computer. Theres no option to delete WD
anywhere. Microsoft has decided that WD must run with windows vista or
you have to deal with error messages if you try to turn it off. They
have given you no choice. Its not serious but annoying. So Im stuck with
keeping WD running, and so I guess Ill find an antivirus program that
doesnt conflict with WD.

I`ve turned mine off , and no warning(s) .