"Trojan" in Appdata/local/temp.. annoying and killing my performance

The issue is, I'm using symantec antivirus on Vista Ultimate 64 bit
(biggest mistake of my life to put 64 bit btw) and one day it just
started finding dozens of viruses in my

Sometimes its autoprotect, sometimes its Defwatch scan, sometimes it
quarantines, sometimes it "leaves alone", 2wice it said reboot required,
sometimes it says "delete was partially successful" sometimes it says
"the file was left unchanged", or "the file was quarantined

But the file name is ALWAYS This: "DWH****.tmp"

One more important thing is, when ever I do the "live update' It starts
detecting again.. and if I dont delete them from that directory It
keeps multiplying everytime I update..

So I read somewhere that this is a virus definition problem where when
the temporary file's name changes it catches it as a virus since viruses
also do that.. sometimes.. or so i've heard because I really dont know
crap about this stuff.. SO I did this: I deleted the stuff in
quarantine, went it safe mode, deleted the damn files from the directory
(making a selection box from bottom to top and pressing Shift+delete..
because some duide on the internet said thats what i should do) so it
worked finr .. Untill I updated my antivirus again..

So.. yea.. i donno if its actually a trojan.. if it is. what type..
because all my antivirus says is "Trojan" and I dont know what to do..
It is killing my computer's performance .. its constantly detecting and
deleting and quarantining stuff..

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