Re: Questionable File: HPCEE.exe

Thanks for the link. Virustotal says it's clean. Interesting, it is a legit
HP file: HPCEE stands for Customer Experience Enhancement. I still think it
was hijacked with the scheduled job, but that file doesn't exist since I
disabled the job. Guess I should just stop worrying. KC

"NT Canuck" wrote:

"Karyn C" <Karyn C@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I have found what I term a questionable file:
C:\\ProgramFiles\hewlett-packard\sdp\ceement\HPCEE.exe, related to
C:\\Windows\tasks\HPCeeScheduleforkaryn.job. On 9-15-09 Windows Defender
flagged this for potentially unwanted behavior. On 10-01, this program,
HPCEE.exe was "preparing to access the internet" according to Norton

Send your suspect file online to'

They will test the file and you should see a result
in a few seconds (more or less)...let us know!


'Seek and ye shall find'
NT Canuck