Re: Vista 64bit rpeventing file copy

This looks really promising. I will test this one out.


"FromTheRafters" <erratic> wrote in message
Check to see if your "new code" is being saved into a virtualized "Program
Files" within the user's profile.

See this also,

"Tony Vrolyk" <me@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
This seems the most promising direction. I did some quick looking up and
MDE files are one that is protected. I don't understand why Windows would
consider my app a protected file but it seems to fit the pattern. The
solution according to what I found it to create my updates as bona fide
installers and not just a simple file-copy.

I will test this out. Thanks for the help.


"FromTheRafters" <erratic> wrote in message
Read up on Windows Resource Protection (WRP) to determine if your file
is being "protected". Userland users may experience silent protection
whereas as an administrator they might get an error message (<--clue).

"Tony Vrolyk" <me@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
I sell a program that I wrote in Access and have had a couple customers
with 64 bit versions of Windows Vista where if I send them an updated
file, via email or download, it appears as though the file has copied
over the old version but when they run the program it is still the old
version of the program. Is there some underlying copy protection that is
preventing me from copying over the file yet does not report any error
or security warning?

Here are a couple details
* The original install program installs the Access runtime, my program
and related system files. The program itself is made up of two files.
one Access MDE (like a read-only Access file that contains all the
coding) and a database file.
* I then sent them an update which consists of a zip file that contains
a new MDE. They are to copy that over their existing MDE in order to
use the new version.
* In one instance I was able to remote into the customer's PC and do
the file copy it myself. I can see the file copy, the file size and
date appear to be correct for the new version but when I would run it
it would run the old code. Ths PC was an HP laptop if that makes any

This is driving me batty. Does anyone have any ideas?



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