Vista 64bit rpeventing file copy

I sell a program that I wrote in Access and have had a couple customers with
64 bit versions of Windows Vista where if I send them an updated file, via
email or download, it appears as though the file has copied over the old
version but when they run the program it is still the old version of the
program. Is there some underlying copy protection that is preventing me from
copying over the file yet does not report any error or security warning?

Here are a couple details
* The original install program installs the Access runtime, my program and
related system files. The program itself is made up of two files. one Access
MDE (like a read-only Access file that contains all the coding) and a
database file.
* I then sent them an update which consists of a zip file that contains a
new MDE. They are to copy that over their existing MDE in order to use the
new version.
* In one instance I was able to remote into the customer's PC and do the
file copy it myself. I can see the file copy, the file size and date appear
to be correct for the new version but when I would run it it would run the
old code. Ths PC was an HP laptop if that makes any difference

This is driving me batty. Does anyone have any ideas?



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