Re: Am I being hacked?

Thanks. I have been entering these two sweepstakes for years with no problems.
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rppb wrote:

I enter the Tiger Direct sweepstakes and the Lost Treasure
sweepstakes.There is a second step to each sweepstakes.You receive an
email from each and reply to complete the entry.For the last week I
haven't received an email from either to complete the contest.I checked
the spam filtered mail from Comcast.

No one can answer the question you asked in your Subject line without
sitting at your computer and examining it.

Normally, one would not immediately leap to the conclusion that one is being
hacked because two emails haven't arrived. Perhaps someone in your household
doesn't want you to sign up for sweepstakes and deleted them. Perhaps there
are no legitimate sweepstakes, you got suckered into giving your email
address to spammers, or perhaps the emails you got back weren't legitimate
and your antivirus program deleted them.

There is simply no way that anyone just reading your post can give you a
definitive answer. In cases where people post here asking whether their
computer has been compromised, I always say:

Have a competent local computer tech come on-site and take a look. Only
someone skilled like that who is hands-on with the computer can make sure
your machine is OK. Don't use a BigComputerStore/GeekSquad type of place.
Get recommendations from people you trust.

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