Re: Encryption? You're kidding, of course! Or whistling past the graveyard!

lloyd dettering wrote:
Encryption! I bought a Sonicwall hardware firewall and was shut out
after I'd set my password. Because of their accessing my PC through
the power outlet, they could detect whatever I typed and changed the
password so I couldn't get back in. How is encryption going to help
you when your PC can be accessed through the powerline? BTW, TEMPEST
is also old-hat!

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WCF Workflow Services Using External Data Exchange

1 - Buy an old house that hasn't been rewired since the 60's.
Original wiring does not have the capability.

2 - Find yourself a real newsreader and leave EggHeadCafe!
Their forums are plugged into the Gov!

3 - Loosen your tinfoil hat once in a while.