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Hopefully John can explain. It looks like you corrected a registry
error. Why the error occurred is anybody's guess.

Don't know why it works... just that it does. I found that a long time
ago when I had a similar problem, and I saved the solution.

"Ed Ahern" <eahernisnotat@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
John Galt's solution worked. I followed the directions and the problem
went away.

Now can someone tell me what I did? I know I added a string.

"Phil Rhodes" <pe.rhodes@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Yes, Ed, I clicked on "Start" then "help and support" and that is why
I mention IE, because the "help and support" in not on your computer,
it is on the internet (my laptop is made by HP, so that is where my
"help and support" comes from) and likely, your default browser is
IE, correct me if I'm wrong :) so your help and support comes from HP
or Dell, etc.

"Ed Ahern" <eahernisnotat@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Phil, I get the red x's even without IE. All I have to do is hit my
start button and then "Help and support" Try it yourself on your
machine (assuming you run Vista). After hitting "help and Support"
you should get a drop down on the right. In the drop down is where
the x's show up, like a placesetter

"Phil Rhodes" <pe.rhodes@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
1. Likely you are using 'Internet Explorer' as your browser. Let's
say it has a problem. Try downloading another browser such as
'Firefox' by 'Mozilla'. You can Google these names to find out more
about them before deciding to download the browser. After you get
it running, go to the toolbar, and click on 'Tools' then 'Options'
then set Firefox up to delete everything (temp files, cookies, etc)
after you close the browser (shut it off). Do you see 'little red
boxes' when you use it? Of course, deleting the cookies will mean
all of your passwords, etc will be deleted after each use, and if
you find this inconvient, you can change it so that the cookies are
saved (which is why IE doesn't offer this option).
2. Do you scan you system with a spyware scanner? There are several
free spyware scanners out there and if you Google 'spyware scanner'
you will get a list :) but I can reccomend AdAware by Lavasoft and
SuperAntiSpyware (although it can be anoying) and Spybot. Pick one
and try it.
3. Please find the answer to this question - why doesn't Microsoft
build a spyware scanner into IE (or Mozilla into Firefox) so that
it can tell the difference between cookies that you want to save,
and cookies that interfere with your system (ie, spyware)? In the
Windows 95 operating system, you had a seperate folder for cookies
that you wanted to keep and you could easily clean the other one
(in fact I bought a "Cleaner" my MS to do just that, if memory

"Ed Ahern" <eahernisnotat@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Everything under multimedia is checked, nothing is cleared

"Peter Foldes" <okf22@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
First go to IE\Properties\Advanced and scroll down to Multimedia
and make sure you have a checkmark to show pictures and
placeholders. Post back if already checked


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"Ed Ahern" <eahernisnotat@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
windows basics, windows online help, etc. It's like the graphics
are being blocked (?)
<.> wrote in message
What do you mean by "boxes with red x"? What does it say in the

"Ed Ahern" <eahernisnotat@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I've been running Vista for about a year. At various times I
will open something and it seems that there are "boxes" with
red x's and a description. I imagine it is a security thing.
Is there someway to shut it off or am I better off leaving it
alone. As an example, if I hit the start button and then "help
and support" I will get these x's.