Re: Little red x

Worked like a charm.
Thank you
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Phil, I get the red x's even without IE. All I have to do is hit my start
button and then "Help and support" Try it yourself on your machine (assuming
you run Vista). After hitting "help and Support" you should get a drop down
on the right. In the drop down is where the x's show up, like a placesetter

1. Close the Help and Support window.

2. Start the Registry Editor by clicking Start, typing "regedit" (no
quotation marks), and pressing ENTER. (You need administrator
privileges to do this.)

3. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.png.

4. Right-click the .png folder, point to New, and then click String

5. Add a new string named "Content Type" (without quotation marks).

6. Double-click the new Content Type string and set the Value data to
"image/png" (without quotation marks).

7. Close the Registry Editor, and then open Help and Support.