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Everything under multimedia is checked, nothing is cleared

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First go to IE\Properties\Advanced and scroll down to Multimedia and make sure you have a checkmark to show pictures and placeholders. Post back if already checked


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windows basics, windows online help, etc. It's like the graphics are being blocked (?)
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What do you mean by "boxes with red x"? What does it say in the description?

"Ed Ahern" <eahernisnotat@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:ulp3J5rJKHA.3724@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I've been running Vista for about a year. At various times I will open something and it seems that there are "boxes" with red x's and a description. I imagine it is a security thing. Is there someway to shut it off or am I better off leaving it alone. As an example, if I hit the start button and then "help and support" I will get these x's.