Re: Setting up a Vista Home Premium PC for College?

t-4-2 wrote:
Yes. You should always have a password protect admin account, in case your cousin messes up the computer. You can then use the admin account to straighten things up.
P.S. " Enabled " is not the right term unless you meant the Built-in Administrator account.

"Justin" <justin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:O7hmtxRHKHA.1488@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
OK folks, I have been given a laptop for a cousin - he is taking it to
college. How should I set up everything to it is reasonable secure?
I have AVG on it, I am keeping UAC enabled.
What about the accounts? Should I enable the Admin account and give it
a password while his account is set up as a standard user?

I was thinking of having the simple boot up, the one where you have the pictures. Have the Administrator account there with a Red Cross as its picture - password protected obviously.
Then have his picture - there under it also password protected with something fairly simple.
Would that make sense?