Re: Give a program access to C:\xxx\its-own-file.c

On Aug 12, 5:30 am, "Doug Forster" <nob...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This is a workaround technique we use for Vista quite successfully and I
imagine Win 7 would be the same. Are you sure its the c file that is giving
the problem? If the c compiler is also legacy could it be attempting to
create intermediate files in the 'current' path or some other inaccessible
place? Does your code generator have any options for setting paths for the
compilation? Some compilers may use environment variables to set paths.

Doug Forster

Thanks. Actually the program itself was some complicated groups of
scripts on Cygwin. The situation is a little bit complicated I created
and edit a c file which is in D drive (in a Library) and I created a
symbolic link to that in the program's data folder. (I used Link Shell
Extension :
Then the program copies that file into its working folder (C:\xxx)
then tries to compile it. I deleted the symbolic link then used
traditional copy of that file, then the permission problem didn't

That is, there were two solutions 1) turning off UAC, 2)Use
traditional copy instead of symbolic link. But I still hope I could
use both UAC and symbolic link, because symbolic link is convenient
for I don't have to keep sync'ing and the two copies.