Re: Give a program access to C:\xxx\its-own-file.c

RealCat wrote:

Actually I'm using Windows 7, but I guess it's all most the same in
Windows Vista and there's no newsgroup for 7's security yet. The
problem is that I have an old-school program that creates its
directory at a hard-corded directory in C's root (C:\xxx). Now, I
don't want to run it with administrative privileges, I changed the
directory's security permissions to (everyone - full control) and make
them inherited to all its sub-directories. The program reads & writes
fine with existing files. But the program creates a c file inside its
directory and tries to let a C compiler on a network drive compile it.
That?s when the problem comes in. It creates the c file all right, but
the c compiler cannot read it (saying ?permission denied?).

If I turn UAC off, I don?t get errors, but I don?t want to turn it
off. I?ve tried to give Full-Control to ?Everyone?, ?Creator Owner?
and ?my own account?, but the problem persisted. How can I change a
specific folder?s (C:\xxx) permission settings so that no matter what
program or account do whatever they want in that directory they can do

If you are the programmer, you need to make your changes and not hard-code
to the root of C:. As you well know, that is protected in both Vista and
Windows 7.

If you want to pursue this, post in the appropriate Win7's forum here:

AFAIK (and much to my chagrin), MS will not be creating NNTP newsgroups for

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