Re: view all folders/files

Because they are not really folders....
In Vista, "Documents and Settings" is not a folder.
Vista uses a different file structure than XP does/did. Those familiar
folder names you may be used to, like "My Documents", "Documents &
Settings", etc.
are not folders in Vista. They are junction points, and are used for legacy
programs which were written to utilize the XP file structure. They will
redirect the programs to use the equivalent Vista folders.
If you keep the protected operating system files hidden, you won't see them.

In Vista......
Documents & Settings -> \Users
My Documents -> \Users\youraccount\Documents
My Music -> \Users\youraccount\Music
Application Data -> \Users\youraccount\AppData

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"John A Grandy" <johnagrandy@g-mail-dot-com> wrote in message news:eGpGww4EKHA.1248@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I turned off User Account Control but in Explorer I still can't open Documents and Settings and a number of other folders.

How can I configure Vista so that I can view any folder/file I want , as I could in XP ?