Re: Why am I suddenly getting the Windows Security Alert

Yes, try it as Run as Administrator.

"Nikilet" <Nikilet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:B2FB776F-83E7-4C1D-98F0-F788C0130167@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Maybe I'm not understanding. I went to Start, then Run and pasted in the SFC
/SCANNOW, a black box flashed for a second and then nothing at all happened.
I'm wondering if I'm supposed to use that cmd box for this?

"Badger" wrote:

OK, Nikilet,

Go to your Start-Run line and type SFC /SCANNOW

This may take a while since it checks all the system files.

This will repair or replace any corrupt or missing files.

Then reboot again.

"Nikilet" <Nikilet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I did what you suggested, rebooted and I'm still getting the alert.
> The one thing I did before this alert started was yesterday; I > installed
> Kodak EasyShare software. Today after starting my computer (when the > alert
> came up for the first time) I used Revo Uninstaller to remove this
> software.
> I don't see what this could have to do with anything but I was informed
> that
> EasyShare causes all sorts of problems and I thought this might be it. > But
> after removal and reboot the alert was still there.
> "Badger" wrote:
>> Go to security center and double click - change the way security >> center
>> alerts me,
>> check the one you want.
>> Then reboot to see if it comes up properly.
>> Something in your system caused this, or didn't shut down properly.
>> "Nikilet" <Nikilet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:854EB302-D05D-43C8-B1BF-E5BC1D683F89@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> > I have Vista Home Premium/2GB RAM/Core 2 duo
>> >
>> > I got this security alert today when I booted. When I open Windows
>> > Security
>> > Center it shows the problem that Windows Defender and Spyware Doctor
>> > are
>> > both
>> > turned off. That's as it should be and as it has always been. I have
>> > BitDefender Internet Security 2009 and it shows "No issue affects >> > your
>> > computer."
>> >
>> > I used an elevated command to check that WMI and it shows as
>> > consistent.
>> > So
>> > why did this alert suddenly start showing up?
>> >
>> > I know I can turn the alerts off, but I'd much rather find out what
>> > caused
>> > this problem and fix it.