Vista 64bit and System Mechanic Pro

I had a friend ask me about 64bit compatibility issues and wanted me to
post it here so here goes.

Q: Does System Mechanic Pro support Vista 64bit?

A: Yes and No...

The 64bit issue is only for the Anti-Virus and Firewall portion of
System Mechanic Pro. But they keep promising that it is in the works and
will be released as soon as they finish making it compatible with 64bit
Operating Systems. I am still waiting...

Q: Is System Mechanic Pro and other system maintenance suites dangerous
to use?

A: Again Yes and No...

As far as the use of such programs as System Mechanic I can only speak
about System Mechanic from Iolo Software, other brands I have seen are
junk by comparison and some even fabricate system problems in order to
sell you more software or to register their trial version for money. But
the use of System Mechanic Pro in the hands of a user who knows what
they are doing is a good way to keep parts of your system maintained and
others can be optimized and or cleaned. But in the hands of someone who
isn't familiar with the way windows operates, especially when it comes
to the registry and running processes & services there can be problems.
For instance you wouldn't want to just go and delete your registry or
windows core files, so similarly don't go fooling around with doing
custom editing of such files with tools. The program will have basic
maintenance tool for such things and those are fine, but don't go and
manually customize these things unless you know what your doing. System
Mechanic products are simply a collection of Utilities and Tools, and
Pro has bundled Firewall, Anti-Virus software and a couple other things.

I would recommend against auto-running PC maintenance tools, just
manually run them when you can choose what and when to fix problems.

But I guess some people have their own personal collection of tools and
utilities they prefer, and that's fine too. I just don't trust any other
system maintenance suites than Iolo's save one or two.