Re: Illegal copies of Operating System And App Software

JustinC wrote:
I’m really sorry to put this here, but it seems so difficult to email Microsoft directly, so I hope someone in authority will come across this sooner or later.
For obvious reasons, I wish to remain anonymous because I am still employed by this company, but having worked here for some time now, and understanding how they conduct business with their clients, and the overall practices within the business, I’m forced to write to inform you that amongst many other unscrupulous activities, my company are using illegal copies of the Microsoft Operating System and its associated Application Software. We have about 100 pc’s and we have been specifically told NEVER to ‘OK’ the “New updates are available” pop up because of the illegal copies installed.
I leave it to your own judgment whether or not to send Auditors to our business premises to verify the legitimacy of the software installed on the machines.

I hope this come to the attention of those that are in a position to investigate this further.
I am prepared to offer any assistance that may be required of me and I can be contacted via spaxx38@xxxxxxxxxxx

Well, for a company to refuse windows updates that almost certainly will have contained fixes for many exploit vulnerabilities is irresponsible to say the least, and if they haven't been hacked yet just give it about ten minutes after this post hits a few servers :)

I don't expect MS to go berserk about someone having a cloned drive or two since that is a legitimate backup method, but what you suggest does not sound at all accidental and of enough value for at least an investigation.

I suspect you are not anonymous, it would probably not take a genius at the company to figure out who you are, but it might be a career move to learn about administering Linux since the cost of making their installations legal might put them out of business and you might be able to offer them an alternative they don't actually have to pay for :)

By the way Google earth has a nice picture of the building and their website gives helpful directions to the location :) Besides which I worked nearby in Coventry for years, seems like they have a lot of dealings with IBM... hmm.

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