Re: Parental controls doesn't allow for this game to run


As a test, create a new administrator account to see if it gives you
this "Parental Controls" message as well. If not, then can copy the
contents of your old user account's "C:\Users\(user-name)" folders into
the corresponding new account's "C:\Users\(user-name)" folders to keep
your settings. After everything checks out ok in the new account, you
can then delete the old one.

Patrick23;1054240 Wrote:
Thanks so much Brink, I was really excited and thought this might solve
my problem as it made sense, my parental controls was set to manual, I
changed it to turn off and it doesn't say start up anymore, but I think
it wasn't started in the first place.

You can guess already, it didn't change a thing. And I keep getting
this User Account management saying "you have started something and we
need your ok to proceed" so I click proceed but don't need a password as
I disabled that. If I start the .exe of the game normal it says Parental
controls doesn't allow for this game to start and if I start the .exe as
administrator it gives me first the ok to need to proceed and then again
Parental controls doesn't allow for this game to run.

At whits end, how is it possible this is happening in a new Vista Home
Premium 64 bit I just installed yesterday and haven't been able to do

At whits end with Vista, they warned me, I had no idea it could be this
complicated... Why not a link to "allow this application to run" and it
shows you what you need to do....

Anymore ideas, please?


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