Re: Which Internet Security Suite to get included with new computer?

Milo;1054024 Wrote:
Are we advocating sales here? Nice marketing plug.......

"A marketing plug" that says trend Micro is deficient in malware
detection?, give me a break. Articles that attest to the failure of it
in LAB testing? Perhaps we have different ideas of a marketing plug. I
have also been a person who researches, and then backs up with
documentation/test results an answer to a question.

It is simply that trend Micro, while it has been improving in recent
Lab tests, Is still deficient, and as the OP inquired about the choice,
I would say Its a bad Idea-at least if you want to keep malware,
corruption and the like off your new PC.

For those who are interested, the best Certification Labs for AV
products are:

EastCoast Labs