Re: Turn Off Offline Files Synchronization

I used a different subject line thinking I did post with
the same subject as another post. I reposted to a different
group before I checked to see if that was the case.
Sorry. Didn't mean to cause sucha F@#@ing problerm for everyone.


"Gordon" <gordonbparker@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:eB5BMqA1JHA.4632@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"FromTheRafters" <erratic> wrote in message news:unteMnA1JHA.4416@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
"JamesJ" <jjy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:uJgRsA$0JHA.3988@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I was unable to see my origninal post in ...Vista.General.
I found my post under someone else's post with the SAME subject.
Windows mail placed my post where it ended up.

Try grouping posts by conversation. Done this way, references are kept despite changes in subject field.

But he multiposted, using a different subject line.

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