RE: How do you remove Trojan Virus? My McAfee program can't seem to ge

Try using NOD32 4 (use sysispector to run self diagnostic), kaspersky,
or Norton. Depending on what version of Mcafee you are using, (only
Mcaffee with Artemis is 3-star certified, regular Mcafee is not very
good at detecting malware.

Personally I would remove mcafee, install NOD32 Antivirus/Antispyware,
update it, scan, then run an online scan with kaspersky (to verifiy),
then run Malwarebytes [good for polymorphic malware], and lastly a full
scan (not default quick scan) with Defender- also check the boxs for
notification of software that creates system changes under
Tools>Options: (this will notify you in the event malware tries to make
changes (i.e., new run executables), and allow you to prevent it from

*Software not yet classified for risks*
*Changes made to your computer by software allowed to run*

NOD32 was the only Product to recieve 3-star certification in both
Hueristic/proactive (new threats that have no definitions), and
On-demand scanning [Nov 2008, Feb 2009]

Eset 'NOD32 4.0' (
free standalone self Diagnostic: '_SysInspector_'
'Malwarebytes' (

Online scanner/cleaner
'_Kaspersky_Virus_Scanner_' (

::*ESET NOD32 Lab Certifications*::


Recent AV- Comparative Testing
note Mcafee tested is with Artemis