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TotalWarriorWC3;1019724 Wrote:
Ive been searching everywhere for answers i have vista home premium with
windows live care anti virus in perfect condition and it detected
something trying to connect to the internet.
This monster devil thing icon beside it told me right away...trouble
and also the random numbers...By looking in the settings of my anti
virus i found that i blocked 4 of them so far ive scanned with my anti
virus 2 times and 3 times with spybot search and destroy AND ran a
ccleaner.It's still there...

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The best Antivirus on the market (by certified lab testing is Eset
NOD32). This is what I recommend:

Run Malwarebytes [this is a specialty antimalware that is specifically
targeted at polymorphic malware (trojans)].

Download and update, then run full scan with NOD32 4
Antivirus/Antispware. I would also create an inspection log with
SysInspector as this will give you a specifc color coded diagnostic
(green good/red bad) for all the files on your system. Version 4 of
NOD32 also has self defense to prevent any malware from corrupting it.
Its a free 30 day trial, so download it, clean your system, then remove
if you want.

Last do a full scan with Windows Defender.

NOD32: 'Best Free Antivirus: ESET! Try free antivirus programs for 30
days.' (
Standalone diagnostic: 'ESET SysInspector'
Malwarebytes: '' (

Free Antivirus (2 and 3 star certification)
'Avira Antivir' (
'Avast!' (





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